Efforts of the El Dorado Church of Christ

The church, in addition to the regularly scheduled assemblies, also does a number

of other outreach activities.



Where:  Heritage House 211 North Gordy Street

When:  4:00pm every Wednesday and 2:00pm on the 2nd Sunday of every month

What we do:  We conduct a Weekly Bible Study at the Heritage House.  This has grown
from four attendees to a regular thirteen or so. Come be a part of it.



Where:  The Shopper’s Guide called “The Truth of The Matter”

When:  Weekly

What we do:  Print column about 300 words.  This has proven to be a very widely read
part of the paper for many readers. Check it out!



Where:  Spring Gospel Meeting, El Dorado Church of Christ

When:  Yearly the last full week of April each year

What we do:  We host a Spring Gospel Meeting.  This is a series of nightly lessons
designed to edify and encourage Christians in their daily walk, to
teach and explain Biblical Doctrine, and to answer Important Questions
Christians must face in today’s world.



Where:  Wichita Area Preacher’s Workshop, El Dorado Church of Christ

When:  During the daytime of the Friday of our Spring Gospel Meeting

What we do:  This is a gathering of preachers from the Wichita area to discuss topics
of relevance to evangelists and to encourage them in the work of
Preaching the Gospel.



Where:  Ladies Bible Class, Church Members Houses

When:  Friday mornings

What we do:  Class taught by one of the Ladies



Where:  Home Bible Studies

When:  Anytime

What we do:  In addition to all of these typical things we also get together with folks
and conduct Home Bible Studies where we gather as equals and let the
Scriptures answer the great questions of life such as that asked by the Philippian jailer in Acts 16:30, “Sirs, What must I do to be saved?”

This is the most important effort outside of worship because here people
are personally introduced to their Bibles and, through them, their Savior Jesus Christ.