Meeting Times


           Sunday Morning        Class 10:00am

                                                                      Worship 10:45pm

  Sunday Night              6:00pm

  Wednesday Night      7:00pm




Brief history of the Congregation 


The El Dorado Church of Christ was established around 1919.  For its first ten years or so it met in rented quarters downtown but bought its present property about 1927 and continued to meet in the house located there.  In 1954 the congregation erected the current building at 637 South High Street.  The plans for the building were drawn up by Cleo Blue, the preacher for the congregation at that time.  From those plans Bob Travis made the blueprints for the construction work. (His widow still worships with the congregation today.)  Bob Travis also built the sign which was located in the front of the building toward South High Street.  It was replaced in early 2011 with a grey granite sign which should serve the congregation well into the future.


Many of her members worked in the local refineries and when the north refinery shut down the membership numbers took a serious hit as many of the families had to move away from the El Dorado area to find work.  The last few years have seen growth, both numerical and spiritual, with the uniting of this congregation and the Emporia Street congregation and we look forward to continued growth in the coming years.  We would like you to come and be a part of it!


Over the years since her beginnings the church has had some great preachers and some not-so-great preachers as well.  That is just the nature of life.  The one stand-out preacher is Cleo Blue, who got the present building built in 1954.  He served the congregation twice as her located evangelist, first through the early 1950’s and later in the 1960’s.  Each of these men has made their mark on the El Dorado Church of Christ and the city as well.  Only eternity will tell how much good has been done!